Galactic Systems September 1, 2017 at 10:00 AM

VR and Game platforms trap users in closed economies to milk them of every dollar, controlling the users identity and virtual existence, yet fail to protect user created content to the extent required by copyright law. We aim to fix this failure.

A white paper about our Galacticoin Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, its features, capabilities, how it works, and how we will use it to link together the economies of various virtual reality and game platforms globally.

This platform will be a key component in enabling cross-platform commerce, protecting creators content while maximizing user utility, and decentralizing avatar identity away from platforms and walled gardens and giving the individual user control over their own digital identity and information, while enabling the user to monetize their own participation in virtual reality much more effectively.

Galacticoin Cryptocurrency and Blockchain will link together the economies of virtual worlds

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Our whitepaper is now available in PDF format.

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