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This form is for providing your information and indicating your interest in our Angel Round as we raise funds for product development.

Details about our business can be obtained from our Business Plan and Whitepaper.

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Investor Agreement Overview

The agreement we are asking you to agree to, as an investor in our company, is what is called a SAFE agreement, which means Simple Agreement for Future Equity. This type of agreement was first created by Y Combinator, a very highly regarded startup venture incubator and is widely used by startup ventures to raise capital. The specific terms of this agreement you will be able to read over, and print up if you want them reviewed by an attorney, but they essentially guarantee you, the investor, a certain amount of equity in our company in exchange for your investment, and upon any “liquidity event”, such as our next phase of capital raising, an IPO (Initial Public Offering) or ICO (Initial Coin Offering), or a buyout by another company or investor/group of investors, you will be guaranteed to convert your investment at a given discountof 50%. So if you invest, say, $25,000 with us today, upon a liquidity event, like the ICO we have planned in 4-6 months, you would be guaranteed to convert your investment into equity-token coins on the ICO blockchain with a minimum value of $50,000 at that time. You will have earned this discount as an angel investor because of the risks you have taken investing with our startup company and deserve this reward. Note that this discount is a MINIMUM discount. There is every possibility we may provide a higher discount, depending on how well accepted our ICO is by the investment/cryptocurrency communities. At the same time, there is the risk the SEC may outlaw ICOs entirely, requiring that we pursue more traditional methods of development. These are the risks you and we are taking, we welcome you to this venture and we respect and value your commitment to our success.


In compliance with securities law, we need to determine what jurisdiction you are under. This will ensure your investment is processed lawfully.

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Under Securities Exchange Commission regulations, and as we are raising private equity venture capital, we are required to ask that you truthfully respond whether or not you fit the legal definition of an accredited investor under US Securities Law. If you are unsure if you are or not, please refer to the following: Report on the Review of the Definition of “Accredited Investor”

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If you are an accredited investor, or non-US person, you can invest any amount. If you are a non-accredited US Person, you must invest no less than $5,000.00